Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Amazing Mr. No Legs (1981)

Plot: Crime kingpin & drug lord D'Angelo who has the hard as nails Mr. No Legs as his bodyguard & as a gangland 'enforcer' who shoots first & doesn't bother to ask questions later. It's Mr. No Legs job to keep D'Angelo's drug business running smoothly so when one of his drug pushers Ken Wilson accidentally kills his girlfriend Tina when she discovers a load of D'Angelo's heroin in his apartment Mr. No Legs decides to just kill Ken as well & dump both of their bodies. Unfortunately Mr. No Legs didn't count on the fact that Tina's Brother Andy is in fact a cop with the local department, Andy & his partner Chuck set about discovering Tina's killer & that means getting close to D'Angelo's drug operations which Mr. No Legs isn't happy about & believe me you don't want to make Mr. No Legs angry as I doubt you would like him when he's angry...


Richard Jaeckel

Ron Slinker

Lloyd Bochner

Joie Chitwood

Luke Halpin

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