Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Alpha Caper (1973)

Plot: A parole officer forced into retirement gets together three ex-convicts to pull of a $30-million armored car robbery.


Henry Fonda

Leonard Nimoy

James McEachin

Elena Verdugo

John Marley

Larry Hagman

Noah Beery Jr.

Night Of The Juggler (1980)

Plot: A tough, New York ex-cop relentlessly searches for his kidnapped teenage daughter whom is held by a twisted psycho after mistaking her for the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

James Brolin

Cliff Gorman

Richard S. Castellano

Linda Miller

Julie Carmen

Abby Bluestone

Dan Hedaya

Mandy Patinkin

Marco St. John

Buckstone County Prison aka Seabo (1978)

Plot: Seabo the mysterious half-breed, his father is a White European and mother a Native American, tracker and bounty hunter who has a talent of appearing and disappearing just at the right time when you, or his enemies, would least expect it in this rural 1957 saga of crime and revenge in the wilds and mountains of North Carolina.


Earl Owensby

David Allan Coe

Don "Red" Barry

Ed Parker

Sunset Carson

Holly Conover

Rod Sacharnoski

Ron Lampkin

Fallen Angel (1981)

Plot: Twelve year old Jennifer is unhappy with her widowed mom's relationship with a family friend. Feeling lonely, she readily accepts the friendship of an adult man named Howie and joins the softball team he coaches. Soon, Howie is convincing Jennifer to pose for photographs which become more and more revealing. Howie turns out to be a pedophile who works in child pornography and he plans to make Jennifer a "star". Will Jennifer's mother be able to help her daughter before it's too late?

Dana Hill

Richard Masur

Melinda Dillon

Ronny Cox

David Hayward

The Morning After (1974)

Plot: A successful public relations man's refusal to admit his alcoholism jeopardizes his career, his family and his life.

Dick Van Dyke

Lynn Carlin

Don Porter

Robert Hover

Jewel Blanch

Carolyn Ames

The Divine Enforcer (1992)

Plot: A monsignor recruits a new priest to his parish in Los Angeles where the newcomer proceeds to turn vigilante and take on various thugs and criminals that rule the neighborhoods.


Jan-Michael Vincent

Erik Estrada

Jim Brown

Judy Landers

Don Stroud

Robert Z'Dar

Michael M. Foley

Poor Devil (1973)

Plot: A bumbling assistant to Satan hasn't gotten a soul for him for 1400 years. He gets one last chance when he's assigned get the soul of a Las Vegas gambler.

(PILOT For TV SERIES that never came to be)


Sammy Davis Jr.

Christopher Lee

Jack Klugman

Adam West

Gino Conforti

Open Season (1974)

Plot: Three Vietnam vets have become so conditioned to violence that they have developed psychotic tendencies. They kidnap people, brutalize them, then turn them loose and hunt them like animals. However the father of one of their earlier victims is plotting a vicious revenge against them.


Peter Fonda

John Phillip Law

Richard Lynch

Cornelia Sharpe

Alberto De Mendoza

William Holden

The Boy Who Drank Too Much (1980)

Plot: Scott Baio plays a high school hockey player. He is well liked and well respected among his coach and teammates. What they don't know is that he is an alcoholic. His background comes from his father, who is also an alcoholic. Baio must work to stay clean and sober so he doesn't lose his position on the hockey team or the respect from his friends.


Scott Baio

Lance Kerwin

Ed Lauter

Mariclare Costello

Stephen Davies

Toni Kalem

Katherine Pass

Dan Shor

Don Murray

Impulse (1974)

Plot: A paranoid, leisure-suit-wearing conman/gigolo named Matt Stone seduces lonely women, bilks them of their savings via an investment scam, then kills them. When he begins seeing an attractive widow, her daughter Tina becomes suspicious of his motives.

William Shatner

Ruth Roman

Jennifer Bishop

Kim Nicholas

James Dobson

Harold Sakata

Pray For The Wildcats (1974)

Plot: A hard-driving executive bullies three advertising men, trying to solicit his business, into accompanying him on a motorcycle trip into Mexico, which jeopardizes their careers, their families and their lives.


Andy Griffith

William Shatner

Robert Reed

Marjoe Gortner

Angie Dickinson

Lorraine Gary

Janet Margolin

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Vacation In Hell (1979)

Plot: Five tourists, four women and one man, escape from the group in a holiday camp at a tropical place and get lost...


Priscilla Barnes

Barbara Feldon

Andrea Marcovicci

Maureen McCormick

Michael Brandon

Ed Ka'ahea

The City (1977)

Plot: Matt and Scott are two detectives trying to catch a crazy guy who has a beef with a country singer.

Mark Hamill

Robert Forster

Don Johnson

Ward Costello

Jimmy Dean

Felton Perry

The Super Cops (1974)

Plot: The true story of two New York City cops. Greenberg & Hantz fought the system, became detectives and were known on the streets as "Batman & Robin".


Ron Liebman

David Selby

Sheila Frazier

Pat Hingle

Dan Frazer

Joseph Sirola

Arny Freeman

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet Hostage (1975)

Tagline: Was it a kidnapping.... or a rescue?

Plot: An escaped mental patient kidnaps an illiterate teenage farm girl and takes her to his mountain hide-away, where they soon become friends and, eventually, lovers.

Martin Sheen

Linda Blair

Jeanne Cooper

Lee De Broux

Bert Remsen

Dehl Berti

Al Hopson

William Sterchi

Scavenger Hunt (1979)

Tagline: Winner takes all!

Plot: To inherit a fortune, various addressees of a will must compete in a wild scavenger hunt to collect selected items, but cannot be simply bought.


Richard Benjamin

James Coco

Scatman Crothers

Ruth Gordon

Cloris Leachman

Cleavon Little

Roddy McDowall

Robert Morley

Richard Mulligan

Tony Randall

Dirk Benedict

Willie Aames

Stephanie Faracy

Stephen Furst

Richard Masur

Vincent Price

Sniper aka The Deadly Tower (1975)

Plot: Charles Whitman is student at the University of Texas in Austin. He often suffers from headaches, during which he tends to violence. One night, he kills his wife and mother, buys a number of rifles and loads of ammunition and takes them to the top of the tower of the university, where he barricades himself. With his long-range weapons his starts to shoot at everything that moves. Already until the police arrives, there are numerous people wounded or dead.


Kurt Russell

Richard Yniguez

John Forsythe

Ned Beatty

Pernell Roberts

Clifton James

The Amazing Mr. No Legs (1981)

Plot: Crime kingpin & drug lord D'Angelo who has the hard as nails Mr. No Legs as his bodyguard & as a gangland 'enforcer' who shoots first & doesn't bother to ask questions later. It's Mr. No Legs job to keep D'Angelo's drug business running smoothly so when one of his drug pushers Ken Wilson accidentally kills his girlfriend Tina when she discovers a load of D'Angelo's heroin in his apartment Mr. No Legs decides to just kill Ken as well & dump both of their bodies. Unfortunately Mr. No Legs didn't count on the fact that Tina's Brother Andy is in fact a cop with the local department, Andy & his partner Chuck set about discovering Tina's killer & that means getting close to D'Angelo's drug operations which Mr. No Legs isn't happy about & believe me you don't want to make Mr. No Legs angry as I doubt you would like him when he's angry...


Richard Jaeckel

Ron Slinker

Lloyd Bochner

Joie Chitwood

Luke Halpin

Honeymoon Horror (1982)

Plot: Imagine every newlywed's fantasy, a rustic secluded lover's paradise- Honeymoon Island. What starts as a weekend of love, turns into a nightmare of blood and terror for three young innocent couples. What lurks in the shadows of Honeymoon Lodge? Is it the caretaker, or perhaps something more fiendish and deadly? Honeymoon Island, where newlyweds joined in holy matrimony spend their wedding night screaming in terror!


Paul Iwanski

Bob Wagner

Cheryl Black

Philip Thompson

James Caskey

Bill Pecchi

Horror At 37,000 Feet (1973)

Plot: An architect and his wife are flying from London to L.A. with an altar from an ancient abbey secured in the plane's cargo hold...


Chuck Connors

Buddy Ebsen

Tammy Grimes

Lynn Loring

Jane Merrow

France Nuyen

William Shatner

Roy Thinnes

Paul Winfield

Will Hutchins

Russell Johnson

Night Slaves (1970)

Plot: A man and his wife find themselves stranded in a small western town. He discovers that a strange force has turned the residents into zombies...


James Franciscus

Lee Grant

Scott Marlowe

Andrew Pine

Tisha Sterling
Leslie Nielson

Hospital Massacre (1982)

Plot: A young nurse is stalked by a maniac out to avenge a long-ago Valentine's Day humiliation.

Barbi Benton
Charles Lucia
Jon Van Ness
John Warner Williams
Den Suries
Gloria Jean Morrison
Karen Smith
Michael Frost

Iced (1988)

Plot: A group of childhood friends are invited to the opening of a posh ski resort, unaware that an old nemesis has murderous plans in mind for them.


Debra Deliso

Doug Stevenson

Ron Kologie

Elizabeth Gorcey

John C. Cooke

Joseph Alan Johnson

Dan Smith

Lisa Loring

Mankillers (1987)

Plot: A female CIA agent is assigned to train and lead an all-female squad to Colombia to stop a renegade agent who has hired himself out to a drug cartel.


Lynda Aldon

William Zipp

Edd Byrnes

Gail Fisher

Christine Lunde

Suzanne Tegmann

Marilyn Stafford

Brotherhood Of The Bell (1970)

Plot: A successful professor has his life disrupted by a secret from his past - in his college days he became a member of a powerful secret society, and now the society has a job for him.


Glenn Ford

Rosemary Forsyth

Dean Jagger

Maurice Evans

Will Geer

Dabney Coleman

My Review: It's really scary that there are serect societys like the one in this TV MOVIE here that are bent on taking over the world. I like a good thriller everynow and then when I'm in the mood.

Brotherhood Of The Bell (1970)

Plot: A successful professor has his life disrupted by a secret from his past - in his college days he became a member of a powerful secret society, and now the society has a job for him.


Glenn Ford

Rosemary Forsyth

Dean Jagger

Maurice Evans

Will Geer

Eduard Franz

Robert Pine

William Smithers
Logan Field
Dabney Coleman

Night Of The Strangler (1972)

Tagline: Southern Revenge!

Plot: In New Orleans, a relationship between a black man and a white girl leads to a string of murders.


Micky Dolenz

James Ralston

Michael Anthony

Chuck Patterson

Susan McCullough
Katie Tilley

Ann Barrett
Warren Kenner