Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Alpha Caper (1973)

Plot: A parole officer forced into retirement gets together three ex-convicts to pull of a $30-million armored car robbery.


Henry Fonda

Leonard Nimoy

James McEachin

Elena Verdugo

John Marley

Larry Hagman

Noah Beery Jr.

Night Of The Juggler (1980)

Plot: A tough, New York ex-cop relentlessly searches for his kidnapped teenage daughter whom is held by a twisted psycho after mistaking her for the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

James Brolin

Cliff Gorman

Richard S. Castellano

Linda Miller

Julie Carmen

Abby Bluestone

Dan Hedaya

Mandy Patinkin

Marco St. John

Buckstone County Prison aka Seabo (1978)

Plot: Seabo the mysterious half-breed, his father is a White European and mother a Native American, tracker and bounty hunter who has a talent of appearing and disappearing just at the right time when you, or his enemies, would least expect it in this rural 1957 saga of crime and revenge in the wilds and mountains of North Carolina.


Earl Owensby

David Allan Coe

Don "Red" Barry

Ed Parker

Sunset Carson

Holly Conover

Rod Sacharnoski

Ron Lampkin

Fallen Angel (1981)

Plot: Twelve year old Jennifer is unhappy with her widowed mom's relationship with a family friend. Feeling lonely, she readily accepts the friendship of an adult man named Howie and joins the softball team he coaches. Soon, Howie is convincing Jennifer to pose for photographs which become more and more revealing. Howie turns out to be a pedophile who works in child pornography and he plans to make Jennifer a "star". Will Jennifer's mother be able to help her daughter before it's too late?

Dana Hill

Richard Masur

Melinda Dillon

Ronny Cox

David Hayward

The Morning After (1974)

Plot: A successful public relations man's refusal to admit his alcoholism jeopardizes his career, his family and his life.

Dick Van Dyke

Lynn Carlin

Don Porter

Robert Hover

Jewel Blanch

Carolyn Ames

The Divine Enforcer (1992)

Plot: A monsignor recruits a new priest to his parish in Los Angeles where the newcomer proceeds to turn vigilante and take on various thugs and criminals that rule the neighborhoods.


Jan-Michael Vincent

Erik Estrada

Jim Brown

Judy Landers

Don Stroud

Robert Z'Dar

Michael M. Foley

Poor Devil (1973)

Plot: A bumbling assistant to Satan hasn't gotten a soul for him for 1400 years. He gets one last chance when he's assigned get the soul of a Las Vegas gambler.

(PILOT For TV SERIES that never came to be)


Sammy Davis Jr.

Christopher Lee

Jack Klugman

Adam West

Gino Conforti